Expected School Wide Learning Results

02DSC 0094The Vaughn school community has established the following expected outcomes:

    • The percent of students identified as proficient in all subject areas will increase annually by at least 3% as measured by state assessment programs
    • Vaughn will meet annual California Academic Performance growth targets as measured by state criteria
    • Actual student attendance will be maintained at 97% or better as measured by state-defined average daily attendance procedures
    • All students will possess technological competence as measured by student work including projects, portfolios, and research utilizing the Internet.
    • The drop-out rate in high school will be nonexistent
    • Vaughn graduates will be prepared for post-secondary opportunities as measured by college testing data, college attainment, and follow up records on career development.

Global Leadership Performance Outcomes

Investigate the World:  
Produce New Global Knowledge

  • Explain the significance of topics and questions that have been explored around the world
  • Explore how people in the past have looked at global issues.
  • Use a variety of sources to answer and explore topics.
  • Create an opinion based on evidence you have found

Recognize Perspectives:  
Apply Cross-Cultural Understanding

  • Voice your opinions about what goes on in the world.
  • Understand the various influences that shape those opinions
  • Understand how people of different cultures see things from unique perspectives.
  • Explain how the interaction of different cultural perspectives shapes the world we live in.

Communicate Ideas:  
Connect and Collaborate Across Boundaries

  • Find the message, moral, or meaning in literature, history, and global situations.
  • Understand how perspective depends on audience.
  • Effectively use written and verbal strategies to communicate your ideas.
  • Use various media and technology to communicate with diverse audiences.
  • Communicate with people from around the world who share common interests and goals.
  • Present ideas with sensitivity to diverse audiences.

Take Action:  
Enact Global Solutions

  • Find opportunities to take action on issues and events that will contribute to the global society.
  • Determine how your actions can have a positive effect on society.
  • Act creatively to contribute to the local and global community.
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